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Free 1Z0-040 practice exam questions Downloads and 1Z0-040 exam details

Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators(1Z0-040)
Exam Number : 1Z0-040
Associated Certifications:Oracle9i DBA OCPs to Oracle Database 10g
Exam Price:$125.00
Duration:105 minutes
Number of Questions:60
Passing Score:73%

Exam Topics


Describe installation new features support Describe installation performance enhancements

Server Configuration

Simplify instance configuration using a subset of initialization parameters Use policy-based database configuration framework View database usage statistics through EM

Load and Unload Data Transport tablespaces across different platforms Explain Data Pump architecture Monitor a Data Pump job Use Data Pump export and import Create external tables for data population Define your external table properties

Automatic Management Use Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor Use Automatic Shared Memory Management Use Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection Use Automatic Undo Retention Tuning

Manageability Infrastructure Monitor and maintain the AWR Use the Active Session History (ASH) Monitor and manage server-generated alerts Explain the automated tasks feature Describe the advisory framework

Application Tuning Use the new optimizer statistics Use the SQL Tuning Advisor Use the SQLAccess Advisor Use the performance pages of Database Control

System Resource Management Automatically switch a session back to the original consumer group at the end of the top call Set idle time-outs for consumer groups Create mappings for the automatic assignment of sessions to consumer groups

Automating Tasks with the Scheduler Simplify management tasks by using the Scheduler Create a job, program, schedule and window Reuse scheduler components for similar tasks View information about job executions and job instances

Space Management

Reduce space related error conditions through proactively managing tablespace usage Reclaim wasted space from tables and indexes using the segment shrink functionality Use the Segment Advisor Use the Undo Advisor Use sorted hash clusters

Improved VLDB Support Create and maintain bigfile tablespaces Create temporary tablespace groups Assign temporary tablespace groups to users Skip unuseable indexes Specify storage characteristics for index partitions in the table partition DML commands Create hash-partitioned global indexes Maintain hash-partitioned global indexes

Backup and Recovery Enhancements Simplify file management for all recovery-related files Reduce restore time by applying incremental backups to data file image copies Simplify recovery after opening the database with the RESETLOGS option Speed backup times by creating faster incremental backups Minimize load requirements by specifying limits in backup time windows Save storage space through writing compressed backup sets

Flashback Any Error Configure and use Flashback Database Recover dropped tables with the Flashback Drop feature Retrieve row history information with the Flashback Versions Query feature Audit or recover FROM transactions with the Flashback Transaction Query feature Recover tables to a point in time with the Flashback Table feature

General Storage Enhancement Create the SYSAUX tablespace Relocate SYSAUX occupants Rename tablespaces Create a default permanent tablespace Copy files using the Database Server Use the Redo Logfile Size Advisor

Automatic Storage Management

Describe Automatic Storage Management

Set up initialization parameter files for ASM and database instances

Execute SQL commands with ASM file names

Start up and shut down ASM instances

Administer ASM disk groups

Use RMAN to migrate your database to ASM

Maintain Software

Understand the supported upgrade paths to Oracle Database 10g Use new utility to perform pre-upgrade validation checks Use simplified upgrade process that automatically determines components to be upgraded Start up the database using a new mode when upgrading

Security Apply a column level VPD policy Apply static and non-static policies Share VPD policy functions Use the unified audit trails Use fine-grained auditing for DML statements

Miscellaneous New Features Provide greater flexibility by enabling resumable timeout at the instance level Use regular expression support in SQL and PL/SQL for string searching, matching and replacing Use additional linguistic comparison and sorting methods in SQL Use SQL to flush the buffer cache

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